The Maximalist Jewellery Trend in Detail: More is Better
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The Maximalist Jewellery Trend in Detail: More is Better

Although you may be familiar with minimalism, have you ever considered maximalism? You’re right if you assumed that these two tendencies are diametrically opposed to one another. Maximalism emphasises doing more than minimalism, which is all about doing less. Maximalism, in contrast to minimalism, focuses on maximising the use of all available space. Interested in the maximalist movement?. Let’s examine how to wear maximalist jewellery and all the components of maximalist fashion.

Maximalism: What is it?

A style known as maximalism celebrates excess, audacity, and extravagance. This design aesthetic frequently employs an eclectic mix of elements to achieve an abundance of hues, patterns, textures, and forms that combine to provide a dramatic and visually arresting result.

Maximalism is frequently connected to statement items that are intended to catch people’s attention when it comes to jewellery. Large, flamboyant, and complicated jewellery designs are typical of the maximalist style. Huge necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings with complex detailing and ornate patterns are examples of maximalist jewellery. Maximalism frequently uses a variety of materials, including conventional ones like feathers, leather, and even fabrics, as well as unusual ones like metals, crystals, and colourful beads.

Maximalist jewellery may always be worn as a stand-alone conversation item that dominates an ensemble. However, in the purest form of maximalism, more is more.

What Maximalist Jewellery Consists Of

The maximalist jewellery trend may be achieved in a variety of ways. In fact, one benefit of this fascinating trend is the abundance of interesting possibilities it offers. Here are some of the key components of maximalist jewellery to give you a sense of what maximalism might look like and some inspiration for how to pull this trend off on your own:

Layers Maximalists love to combine several layers into one style. The “neck mess” layered necklace fad or a stack of bangles are examples of this. This effect may also be achieved with a single necklace that has a variety of strands bundled together and fastened by a single clasp.

Bright colours

Maximalism doesn’t use subtle neutral hues; instead, it favours an abundance of vibrant hues that are combined together. Numerous pieces of maximalist jewellery use jewels, enamel, e-coating, and beads in vivid colours.

A variety of textures

Mix up the materials you use in your artificial jewellery sets online combinations to make the most of the maximalist jewellery trend. Wear more chains, feathers, jewels, metals, and charms the more the merrier!

Unusual shapes

While maximalist items lean towards varied and non-traditional forms, minimalist pieces frequently keep to basic, geometric designs. A maximalist collection should include any fascinating design you can imagine, including squiggles, spikes, spirals, and more.

large sizes

The large item is a mainstay of the maximalist jewellery style. The addition of an enlarged version may instantly transform your appearance into a maximalist statement, even if your items have a more traditional aesthetic or are made of traditional materials and have basic textures.

Wearing Maximalist Jewellery

Here are some styling tips for your maximalist jewellery after you’ve chosen your extravagant pieces:

  • Match your statement jewellery with a statement outfit: Some jewellery trends may advise you to keep your accessories basic if you’re planning to wear a neon utility jumpsuit with a fun design. Not maximising! Find your largest, brightest abstract earrings to go with your attire, and while you’re doing it, add a few more rings.
  • Mix and mix your maximalist items: Don’t limit yourself to one or even two statement pieces while you’re experimenting with size. Combine your cuff bracelets, wide collar necklace, chunky rings, large earrings, and other kundan jewellery sets into one bold style. One distinguishing feature of the maximalist approach is the creative and exciting pairings of various elements. Play around with your selections and have a good time!
  • Wear more if you’re unsure: This is your chance to ignore Coco Chanel’s advise to remove one item before leaving the house in favour of adding another. Maximalists could advise keeping your charms close to your keys in case you need to grab one more before you leave the house.

What style of jewellery will you wear that is maximalist? The “more is more” philosophy may be explored and tested in a wide variety of ways. To ensure that your enormous and quirky items last a long time and continue to sparkle each time you reach for them, store them correctly, wipe them gently with a soft cloth after each use, and have them professionally polished twice a year.


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