The Best Place to Buy a Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro

So you’re ready to upgrade to the latest iPhone 14 Pro but don’t want to pay full price for a new model. Buying a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro is a great way to score one of the best smartphones on the market for hundreds less. But where’s the best place to find a high-quality refurbished iPhone 14 Pro at a steep discount? You’ve got a few solid options.

What Is a Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro?

A refurbished iPhone 14 Pro is a pre-owned model that has been inspected, tested, and certified to work like new. The main difference is that it’s not fresh out of the box. Refurb iPhones go through an intensive restoration process where any non-working parts are replaced and the software is updated.

Once the restoration is done, the iPhone gets thoroughly tested to ensure everything is in working order before it’s sold again. This means you can get an iPhone 14 Pro that looks and functions like new at a lower cost. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Where to Buy a Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro

There are a few reputable places to buy a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro. First, check out Apple’s own certified refurbished store. Apple refurb iPhones come with a new battery and outer shell, a 1-year warranty, and up to 60% off retail pricing. You really can’t beat buying directly from the source.

Another trusted option is Gazelle, a major reseller of refurbished iPhones. They offer multiple iPhone models at discount prices and each purchase comes with a 30-day return policy and 90-day warranty. Gazelle has an excellent reputation for selling high-quality refurbished tech.

You could also look at Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart, all of which offer refurbished iPhone 14 Pro models through various third-party sellers. Just be sure to buy from a seller with a solid rating and return policy. Some less reputable sellers may not properly restore or test the iPhones, so purchasing from a trusted retailer is key.

With some smart shopping, you can score an iPhone 14 Pro at a fraction of the new retail price. A refurbished model gives you premium specs at a budget-friendly cost — what’s not to love about that?

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro

Buying a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro is a great way to score an awesome device at an affordable price. Here are a few of the major benefits:

Cost Savings                                                                                  

Refurbished iPhones can save you hundreds compared to buying a new model. Apple puts refurbished iPhones through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the company’s high quality standards before reselling them, so you can feel confident you’re getting a fully functional phone at a steep discount.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing a refurbished iPhone is an eco-friendly decision. Reusing phones reduces waste and the need for the raw materials and manufacturing required to produce new devices. You can feel good about doing your part to help the planet.

Latest Tech

Just because a phone is refurbished doesn’t mean it’s outdated. You can often find refurbished models of the latest iPhone releases, so you don’t have to sacrifice modern features and functionality to save money. Refurbished iPhone 14 Pros offer the same powerful A16 Bionic chip, advanced camera system, and gorgeous Super Retina XDR display as new models.


Apple’s refurbishment process is extremely thorough. Each phone is carefully cleaned and inspected before any parts that don’t meet Apple’s quality standards are replaced. Then, the phone is reassembled and undergoes a full set of tests to ensure everything is working properly before it can be sold as a refurbished device. You can trust that you’re getting a high-quality, reliable phone that will provide years of use.

Buying refurbished is clearly the smart and sustainable choice. An refurbished iPhone 14 Pro gives you everything you want in a new iPhone at a price that will make your wallet happy.

What to Look for When Buying a Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro

When buying a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro, there are a few key things to consider:


Check the condition to determine how much use or wear and tear is acceptable for your needs and budget. Refurbished iPhones are rated as:

  • Like new: Near pristine, fully tested and cleaned. Almost indistinguishable from a brand new iPhone.
  • Very good: Lightly used with minimal signs of wear. Fully functional and tested.
  • Good: Noticeable signs of use such as minor scuffs or dents. Still fully functional but may have slightly diminished battery life. Cheapest option.

For the best value, I would recommend going with “Like new” or “Very good” condition. These have been thoroughly tested and will likely last you for years to come.


See if any warranty is offered and for how long. A minimum of 3 to 6 months is good for peace of mind in case any issues come up. Some refurbishers offer up to a 1-year warranty on “Like new” models.


Choose an iPhone with enough storage for your needs – 64GB, 128GB or 256GB. Keep in mind that as you download apps, take photos and videos, and save messages, your storage will fill up over time. It’s best to go with the most storage you can afford.


Compare prices across different refurbishers to get the best deal. You can often save 20-40% off the cost of a new iPhone. Look for coupon codes and sales around major holidays like Black Friday to score an even better price.


Check reviews from other customers about their experience with the refurbisher to determine their reputation and quality. Look for mostly positive reviews mentioning quick shipping, fully functional and clean iPhones, and good customer service.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find a high quality, affordable refurbished iPhone 14 Pro that will serve you well for years to come. Save money and the planet by going refurbished!

Where to Find the Best Deals on Refurbished iPhone 14 Pros

Refurbished iPhone 14 Pros offer huge savings over buying a brand new model. You can often find models that are only a year or two old for 40-60% off retail prices. The best places to find great deals on refurbished iPhone 14 Pros are:

Apple Certified Refurbished Store

Apple tests and certifies refurbished iPhones to like-new condition. They replace any defective parts, re-install iOS, and thoroughly clean and inspect each phone before reselling them. You get a full one-year Apple warranty and can add AppleCare+ for extended coverage. While selection can vary, you’ll typically find iPhone 14 Pros from the last couple of model years at 15-30% off new pricing.


Gazelle is one of the most reputable third-party refurbished phone retailers. They also rigorously test and guarantee refurbished iPhones, ensuring each phone is fully functional and in near-mint cosmetic condition. Gazelle offers iPhone 14 Pros from the past 2-3 generations at up to 50% off retail prices. They provide a 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty on all phones.

Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed offers refurbished iPhone 14 Pros that have been tested and certified to work and look like new. They are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which provides a replacement or refund within 90 days of your purchase if the device does not work properly. You can find iPhone 14 Pros from the past few years for 30-60% off new prices. Check individual listings for warranty details, as coverage can vary between sellers.


Swappa is a peer-to-peer marketplace where individuals and small businesses buy and sell used phones. You can often find the best deals here, up to 60% off for iPhone 14 Pros. However, there is more risk since you’re buying from an individual and not a big company. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller with good reviews, and check that the phone’s IMEI/ESN is clear before purchasing. Most sellers offer a return policy, but no warranty. Check with the seller for details.

In summary, you have solid options for finding a great refurbished iPhone 14 Pro at a steep discount. Do some research on the different retailers and sellers to find a phone in your desired condition at a price you’re comfortable with. With some smart searching, you can land an awesome deal on your dream phone!

FAQ – Answering Common Questions About Refurbished iPhone 14 Pros

Buying a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro is a great way to save money on a high-end device. However, it’s important to buy from a reputable source to ensure you get a phone in good working condition with a solid warranty. Here are some of the most common questions about buying a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro:

Where should I buy a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro?

Your best options are:

  • Apple: Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones come with a one-year warranty and are thoroughly tested to work and look like new. You’ll save 15-30% off retail price.
  • Carriers: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all offer certified refurbished iPhone 14 Pros with device payment plans. You’ll typically save at least $100-$200.
  • Major retailers: Best Buy and Walmart both sell refurbished iPhone 14 Pros that have been tested to work well. You can often find deals with gift cards or financing offers.
  • Reputable third-party sellers: Sites like Gazelle, Decluttr and Back Market specialize in refurbished tech and offer certified refurbished iPhone 14 Pros with decent savings and warranty. Be wary of unauthorized resellers.

Is a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro reliable?

Refurbished iPhones from reputable sources undergo rigorous testing to ensure full functionality and quality. As long as you buy from Apple, carriers, or trusted retailers and resellers, a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro should work very well for 2-3 years. However, the battery life may be slightly reduced. You can always replace the battery if needed.

What kind of warranty will I get?

Most places offer a minimum 90-day to 1-year warranty on refurbished iPhone 14 Pros. Apple’s Certified Refurbished iPhones come with a one-year Apple warranty. Carriers and major retailers typically offer 90 days to a year. Reputable resellers usually provide at least a six-month to one-year warranty. Be sure to check the details of coverage before you buy.

Can I add AppleCare+ to a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro?

Yes, you can purchase AppleCare+ for a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro within 60 days of purchase to extend coverage to two years from the original iPhone purchase date. The price is the same as for a new iPhone. AppleCare+ provides extensive coverage for both hardware repairs and technical support. It’s a great option if you want maximum peace of mind for your refurbished device.


So there you have it, the best options for scoring a like-new iPhone 14 Pro without paying full retail price. Whether you go through a major retailer like Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart, or a dedicated refurb outlet like Gazelle or Decluttr, you really can’t go wrong. Just be sure to check the condition ratings, included accessories, and return policies to find a phone that meets your needs and budget. At the end of the day, you’ll have an iPhone 14 Pro in your hands for hundreds less than buying direct from Apple. And your wallet will thank you for being so savvy. Happy shopping and enjoy your new (to you) iPhone!



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